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Hey, we miss you! We will be booking shows once the current health crisis is over and it is safe to do so again. Keep listening to our music, and stay tuned for some new stuff!

Presenting- Why Try's first full-length album,

'New Lives'


Watch: 'Sober' lyric video





Richa 'Razz' Saran

Will Anderson

Andrew Barry

Geoff Fischer

Sean "OB" O'Brien

As lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Razz brings vulnerability and emotional expression to the front of the stage, while also emphasizing the personal struggle brought out in Why Try's lyrics with an absolutely raw and powerful voice.



The bass has never been more of a melodic instrument than when in the hands of Why Try's live entertainment aficionado. Will brings not only leads a solid rhythm section, but he also performs with everything he has, refusing to fade into the background.


Using lead guitar to take Why Try's songs to soaring new heights, Andrew leaves audiences in awe with his flying fingers and compositionally sophisticated riffs and melodies. He takes his instrument and infuses it with life, taking names -and solos- with astounding skill.


Why Try's drummer breathes youth into the band, with boundless energy and excellence. Infusing his drumming with genre-bending influences, Geoff brings the tightness of hip-hop beats and the intricacy of hardcore music into this project, surprising audiences and encouraging his bandmates to always try new things as they strive to create a cohesive sound.


The newest member of Why Try?, OB brings something fresh and fun to his guitar playing. Inspired by jam bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead, OB's energetic and colorful style is a welcome addition to the band,

No upcoming events at the moment

Due to the current health crisis, all Why Try? shows have been postponed or cancelled. We miss you all and are looking forward to booking shows again once it is safe to do so!


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